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Millet Grains is a leading manufacturer and exporter of pure hulled, toasted, natural sesame seed, sesame oil, powder and its products. We supply Natural Sesame Seed, Hulled Sesame Seed, Toasted Natural Sesame Seed, Toasted Hulled Sesame Seed, Roasted Sesame Powder, oilseeds, Sesame Oil, Natural White Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seed, Brown Sesame Seed, Indian Spices, Indian Spices Manufacturers, Edible Seeds, Edible Oils Manufacturers, Ground Nut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Soya Oil, Rape Oil Manufacturer, Natural Sesame Seed Manufacturer, Hulled Sesame Seed Manufacturers, Meal, Extractions, Oilseeds Manufacturers purity levels of 99.99% and sesame oil is 100% pure.
Processing facility for Sesame seed is equipped for value addition on raw sesame seed from farm level to high purity cleaning, color sorting, Hulling, Roasting & Sesame oil production. Our optimum quality product range is hugely supplied in each region of country. We are proud to be recognized amongst few of the most trustworthy all type of sesame Seed Oil cake Suppliers, meal / extraction suppliers.

Our Wide Range of Millets & Grains

  • Foxtail-Millet-Suppliers-in-Chennai
    Foxtail Millet-Thinai Rice
  • Indian-Kodo-Millet-Rice-Distributors-in-Chennai
    Varagu Rice-Kodo Millet
  • Indian-Little-Millet-Samai-Rice-Wholesalers-In-Chennai
    Little Millet Samai Rice
  • Indian-Barnyard-Millet-Rice-Exporters-In-Chennai
    Barnyard Millet Kuthiraivaali Rice
  • Indian-Great-Millet-Sorghum-Cholam-Distributors-Chennai
    Great Millet-Sorghum Cholam
  • Indian-Kelvaragu-Ragi-Millet-Wholesale-Suppliers-In-Chennai
    Finger Millet (Keppai Ragi Kelvaragu)
  • Indian-Pearl-Millet-Kambu-Rice-Shop-in-Chennai
    Pearl Millet Kambu Rice
  • Indian-Panivaragu-Rice-Suppliers
    Proso Millet Panivaragu
  • Bamboo-Rice-Manufacturers-in-Tamilnadu-India
    Bamboo Rice (Moongil Rice)
  • Brown-Millet-Kaikuthal-Arisi-Exporters-Chennai
    Kaikuthal Rice
  • Kattu-Yanam-Rice-Suppliers-in-Chennai
    Kattuyanam Rice (Arisi)
  • Barley-Rice-Suppliers-in-Chennai,India
    Barley Rice
  • Red-kavuni-Rice-Suppliers-In-Chennai
    Red kavuni Rice
  • Indian-Palm-Sugar-Suppliers-Chennai
    Palm Sugar (Panakarkandu)
  • Karupatti-Suppliers,Exporters
    Palm Jaggery (karupatti)
  • Cardamom-Spices-Suppliers-in-Chennai
  • Cloves-Spices-Suppliers-In-Chennai
  • Cinnamon-Sticks-Spices-Suppliers-in-Chennai
  • Indian-Pepper-Spices-Suppliers-Tamilnadu
    Black Pepper
  • Raisins-Gold-Black-Suppliers-Chennai
    Raisins (Kismis)
  • Indian-Cumin-Spices-Suppliers-Exporters
    Cumin (Fennel) Seeds
  • Fenugreek-Seeds-Suppliers-Exporters
    Fenugreek Seeds
  • Mustard-Seeds--Suppliers,Distributors
    Mustard Seeds (Rai or Sarso)
  • moth-bean-suppliers,Distributors
    Moth Bean (Turkish gram)
  • Indian-Bengal-Gram-Pulses-Suppliers
    Bengal Gram
  • Mochai-beans-Suppliers-Exporters
    Dry Lima Beans (Mochai)
  • Green-Gram-Suppliers-Exporters
    Green Moong Dal (Green Gram)
  • Moong-Dal-Cereals-Suppliers
    Moong Dal
  • Indian-Red-Gram-Wholesale-Suppliers
    Red Gram
  • Chana-Dal-Cereals-Suppliers-Exporters
    Bengal Gram Dal
  • Peanut-Exporters,Suppliers-in-Chennai-Tamilnadu
    Groundnut seeds
  • Cooking-Oil-Suppliers-in-chennai,Tamilnadu
    Groundnut Oil
  • Indian-Cooking-Sesame-Oil-Suppliers
    Sesame Oil