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Great Millet-Sorghum Cholam

Sorghum has a variety of uses including food for human consumption.Feed grain for livestock and industrial applications such as ethanol production.Grain is mostly for food purpose (55 %), consumed in the form of flat breads and Porridges (thickorthin); "Stover" is an important source of dry season maintenance rations for livestock.Sorghum Millet helps to maintaining heat, body weight and cures arthritis. It is rich in phosphorous and potassium, high on protein, has a good amount of calcium, antioxidants with meager amounts of iron and sodium.Sorghum Millets are power house of nutrients far more than rice or wheat.Further research by " " points towards Calcium content which is twice that is found in rice.Sorghum can be harvested to extract syrup similar to sugarcane or palm. Yellow Endosperm with carotene and Xanthophyll increases the nutritive value.

Three Types Of Cholam Available:

  • Cholam Rice
  • White Great Millet (Cholam)
  • Red Great Millet (Cholam)

Price Details For Great Millet-Sorghum Cholam

-----    Rs.60,58, 25
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-----    Per Kg.
Pack Size
-----    10kg, 25kg, 50kg + Shipping Charges


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