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Kaikuthal Rice

Gone are the days when the houses in villages were humming with the rhythmic sounds of women using the mortar and pestle (ural and ulakkai) to de-husk paddy. Modern rice mills have made these implements obsolete. Though the campaign for the use of kaikuthal arisi (hand-pound rice or brown rice) has been on for over five decades by Tamil scholars and personalities like Yogacharya Sundaram, it gained significant momentum over the past decade due to increased health consciousness and number of diseases that are plaguing people, particularly in urban areas.In remote villages of Tamil Nadu, food items made of millets were staple food and rice was used occasionally. They had nelluchoru (food made of rice) once in a while and even now elderly people attribute their good health to millets. With the advent of rice mills for polishing rice, people were attracted by the shiny white colour and softness of polished rice.Eating this variety of rice was treated as a symbol of pride and prestige.Polishing the rice even once removes vital nutrients from it. But to give it more shine and make it look attractive. In several places rice is polished twice or even three times.Yogacharya Sundaram has, through many of his articles, explained the ill-effects of polished rice and how it increases the chances of getting diabetes and other ailments.The polishing process removes all vital nutrients in the rice and we eat only carbohydrates, which leads to innumerable diseases.Food experts who have researched the benefits of brown rice say this rice releases sugar slowly and it has a balanced amount of nutrients like fibre, protein, iron, etc. Polished rice loses all major nutrients — iron, vitamins, zinc, magnesium among others — during the process of polishing at rice mills and this results in people eating only the “waste”  — the bagasse of rice, and thereby contract many diseases. The selenium present in hand-pound rice reduces the risk of serious illnesses like cancer of the large intestine, cardiac diseases and arthritis.  The high amount of magnesium keeps the nervous system healthy and helps fighting asthma.Besides, it keeps cholesterol levels under control and as a result, helps to control body weight. The phytonutrients present in this rice keeps breast cancer away.The fibre in this rice helps avoid Type II diabetes. Since hand-pound rice is whole grain with bran, it is easy to digest and it facilitates easier bowel movement, helping people avoid a major problem — constipation.

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