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Foxtail Millet-Thinai Rice

Also known as Thinai, these Foxtail Millet Seeds are rich in Protein, Iron, Calcium and Minerals (Manganese, Magnesium and Phosphorous). These Foxtail Millet Seeds increase kidney functionality. Best suited for enhancing the muscle strength and hormonal imbalances, these Foxtail Millet Seeds can be purchased from us at economical rates. These Foxtail Millet Seeds are an healthy alternative to Rice. In addition, these Foxtail Millet Seeds are Gluten-free food. 

Health Benefits Of Foxtail Millet  :

  • Help to control Blood sugar & Cholesterol
  • Ideal food for people suffering from Diabetes & Gastric problems
  • Reduce risk of Heart Attack
  • Help in the development of Body Tissue & Energy Metabolism
  • Rich in Anti-oxidants.

Price Details For Foxtail Millet-Thinai Rice

-----    Rs.78
Price Unit
-----    Per Kg.
Pack Size
-----    10kg, 25kg, 50kg + Shipping Charges

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